Politics and getting out tough stains

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So. . .maybe it is just me but it seems like things have changed. We used to listen to political leaders for speeches that were inspiring, well written, and profound. They were things that school children would later have to memorize in some public speaking class.

Now. . .it kind of reminds me late night infomercials. Every candidate, no matter what party or level of office could, at any point in time, pull out a rotisserie or box of stain busting laundry powder and I would not be surprised at all. I actually would find it oddly comforting because then at least I would know what all the shouting was about. Hell, everyone wants their wash to come out cleaner and their chicken to be roasted to perfection.


Its just kind of up in the air why everyone on all sides is so angry. At least the other way we get cleaner clothes and a good meal out of it. . .

Things Forgotten

Things Forgotten
Things Forgotten

Flash Fiction – Random Phrase

This is my flash fiction based on the random phrase “grisly calligraphy” from Chuck Wendig’s Blog . . .it’s 994 words long.


Andrew carefully painted the wall with the blood of his victims. The painstakingly written text told of his sins. He wrote about the lust invoked by the woman, the envy that she carried another man’s child, the greed in coveting her for himself and wanting to possess her completely. He described the gluttony of drugs he took before and during the attack, the sheer power of his wrath upon her as he had cut her and her unborn child to ribbons and the pride he had knowing the world would remember his name with fear as the embodiment of evil itself. Then lastly he spoke of the sloth of not trying to hide it and of not cleaning up afterwards. He just couldn’t be bothered with the effort. His story of sin, written in grisly calligraphy on the wall declaring evil and defying the world to ignore him.

In the very center of this masterpiece he painted the outline of a door and the handle, rich with extra blood to drip and ooze down to add the final touch to the work of art. This door, he was sure, would swing open at any moment. It would be a doorway to the infernal regions and the princes of hell, seeing his work and reading his words would welcome him as a kindred spirit. They would embrace him as the embodiment of evil that he was an he would be exalted by the damned, made a prince for his work. This he expected so he sat and waited, bloody knives in hand, excited by all that was about to come to him.

“Stupid, petulant boy.” A voice said behind him.

Andrew spun around to see a man standing there. He was very non-descript and ordinary. As a matter of fact, although he was attractive Andrew would not even be able to begin to describe him even as he stared at the man. He just seemed to blend into the room and be quite unremarkable. Andrew was going to speak but the man put a finger to his lips and made a shushing noise.

“Don’t.” The man said. Andrew complied and stayed quiet. He was rather dumbfounded by the man being here, confused and worried because the man did not at all seemed even the slightest bit shocked by the scene all around them.

“You think that this, “ The man made a sweeping gesture to the room and carnage around them, “Makes you evil? This is not evil. This is a stupid boy acting out for attention . . . a mewing waste of life screaming for more breast feeding.”

The man laughed and stared past Andrew at the wall. “And that is just. . . disgusting. Self-serving sure but, vulgar, wasteful, and in the end quite useless. You have not the slightest idea of evil boy. This, all of this, is just an act of stupidity. Evil is more insidious . . .long lasting. . .pervasive. This is a moment of dumb-fuck.” The man said with disdain.

Andrew’s confusion grew as well as a feeling of dread deep inside him. He could not speak to argue, he could not move to look away. “Evil is so much more.” The man smiled at Andrew and then, quite suddenly and without any discernable movement was directly besides Andrew whispering in his ear.

“I am going to tell you what is going to happen to you now Andrew and this may help you understand evil, so listen closely. Now, you are going to be caught by the police because I have already called them. You are going to be convicted of being stupid and sentenced to a very bad place for a very long time. In this very bad place you will be attacked daily, beaten often, raped repeatedly, and live your life in fear. Then every 10 years you will go before a board of people and they will ask you if you have learned your lesson, if you have reformed and for just an instant you will have hope. You will beg and plead and they will almost do it but then, they will send you back to that hell hole to have it all start again.”

The man laughed. “And the best part is that when you die you won’t know because it will continue on in hell just the same way until your mind crumbles, breaks, and finally shatters into a million pieces. When that happens Andrew, at that moment when you go completely mad, I will come back and I will touch your greasy forehead and restore your mind fully and then I will bring you here, right here, right now, so it can start all over again and again and again.” The man’s voice trailed off into a chuckle. The man grabbed Andrew’s head and turned him to face the doorway to hell.

In that moment Andrew realized it was in fact a doorway to hell but it was not going to open to bring him to hell, it already had opened to bring him back from hell. That feeling of dread within him was not Deja-vu, it was nagging memories too painful to completely wash away. This was not the first time he realized this either. Finally able to turn his head to look at the man Andrew spoke, his voice cracking and trembling with fear.

“Why?” Was all he could get out.

The man smiled and leaned in close to whisper in his ear speaking slowly and clearly to make sure every syllable was understood, “Just because I can.”

Andrew felt all hope fade from him and all that remained in him was fear and shame and guilt. He began to weep uncontrollably. The man smiled at his soul crushing epiphany.

“Yes. You are starting to understand.” He laughed a wicked, mocking laugh and vanished just as the first police officers on the scene kicked in the door.

Progress for the Day

Well, started off with 14, 120 words today and am ending with 17, 244 so far. so about 3100 words and will try and get more done tonight. Feeling good about it.